Spot of Lunch and VIP Tour for local Residents Committee





Today JHP Transport had the pleasure of hosting the local residents committee.  This gave the Director (Jim Prentice) the opportunity to show the locals the size and scale of the operation which has moved into the area.  Since the arrival of JHP Transport in Rigside, this has given a new lease of life to the local area and economy. Rigside is a place very close to Jim’s heart.  Jim was born and bred in Rigside and has seen a large decline of opportunities in the area over the years.   With this in mind, Jim took the opportunity to explain to the local committee his ongoing plans with JHP’s “Home Grown Scheme”.  We provide funding and a full time job, for people eager to obtain an HGV Licence but have not been in a financial situation to gain this qualification.  JHP provides them with the opportunity, giving them the same job prospects as our more experienced drivers. JHP even has our own in-house driver trainers to help them on their way. Jim’s idea behind this scheme is to breath new life and longevity into the local area.